Thursday, June 30, 2011


I did it! I actually did it!! My hair is darker (SUPER dark in parts) The bottom is a few shades darker and richer than my natural light brown and the top has super light highlights and lowlights that match the bottom. It's like the black and white of neutral tones and it sounds emo, but it's really not. Definitely more edgy, but that just fits well with my style ; ) What do you think??

Rockin' the deer eyes too <3

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hairy Mess

Well lovies, I think it's about time I found a more natural hair color. I love this bleach blonde, in fact, I am completely attached to it for the fact that I've spent the past year making my hair lighter and lighter as a result of various mental breakdowns. I've left it unchanged for the past 3 months and it's about time for a fresh cut and new color. Soooo, I was thinking LC blonde? It's still beachy and light, but natural enough to look better than the bleach blonde and easy enough that I might be able to do upkeep with a box dye. Thoughts please!
Eeeeek it's soooo DARK!! 

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Crazy Sunglasses + Crazy Faces

to throw it out there, I'm a special person. And I do mean to use the term 'special'. By this I mean that I'm slightly crazy (in a good way) and am not scared to portray that in every day life. So here we have a modified collection of my favorite sunglasses. A lot of them wouldn't be considered 'stylish', but they're fun, and fashion should be fun, right? Enjoy!

Had to throw the first crazy face in there.

Casual Class

Every single day take a little bit of time for yourself and enjoy the things you love. <3

For me it's an evening espresso. 

I make it fresh in these hand painted cups. 

Then I enjoy some time with these gorgeous puppies. <3

Skin Health from the Inside

Are you dealing with adult acne? I know how you feel, it's annoying, painful and embarrassing and there's not much you can do about it. Here is a trick I've tried in the past and recently started using again.

Take Burdock root and Evening Primrose oil supplements. This is an old Middle Eastern treatment that my mom learned from her coworker. Warning: these pills are giant, not so much fun to take, but it's so worth it. Take 2 Burdock and 1 Evening Primrose every morning and night for the first week. Then cut down to 1 Burdock and 1 Evening Primrose every morning and night. This is hard to keep up with, which is why I stopped taking these supplements for a while, and it takes about 2 weeks to see a change in your skin but KEEP UP WITH IT. Burdock is like a natural antibiotic and it kills the bacteria in your pores, allowing pimples to clear up and Evening Primrose brightens and moisturizes your skin. In addition to the supplements, wash your face twice a day, use an oil free moisturizer and drink LOTS OF WATER!

If you try this, let me know how it works!

Forever loves,

Brittany Olivia

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer day in SEATTLE

Kati and I hung out downtown today. I picked up my work schedule, we met Sara for a snack and walked around Pike Place, among the tourists. At least we were dressed like the locals we are =)

Important things to think about BEFORE tucking in your shirt: 1. Is the shirt tight? If it is, leave it untucked. 2. What bottoms are you wearing? It should be something to accentuate your legs, since you are creating a shorter looking torso, your legs need to look as long as Highway 26 between Othello and Washtucna (WSU/Idaho kids will get that one) Shorts should be short, skirt should be higher waisted and short and pants should be long, slimming and worn with heels. 3. Are you planning on wearing a belt? If not, please reconsider.

Bag and Butt!! Cross body bags are BACK and better than ever! Get one that is a neutral color, light enough for summer but warm enough for all year use. These are greaaaaaaat for chilling out downtown, going to class and heading to work. Nothing is better than having free hands and arms while downtown--it's so freeing!!! Forever 21, $24

I've already posted a picture of these today, but they are soooo PRETTY, I just couldn't resist. Forever 21, $18

Bachelorette Nights

So me and my friends always watch the Bachelorette on Monday nights. I love it. I will be on the show someday if I don't find a good man soon. I'm kind of joking, but only kind of. It might happen. ANYWAY, Monday I wore a decently cute outfit. It doesn't take much creativity to make a tshirt and jeans super cute so here is the trick yo: ACCESSORIES AND CUTE SHOES!! This is when being cheap accessory and shoe obsessed is the greatest thing in the entire world.

BAM! Headband (Nordstrom $10) belt (Love Culture, it came on a dress) orrrrrr...just find a piece of rope?? and flats from a store in Snohomish. So freaking easy, you have no excuse to every wear just jeans and a tshirt again. Happy Styling!

Shoes, shoes, shoes...FOR CHEAP!!

So I have recently acquired 3 new pairs of shoes. This should not be that surprising to anyone who knows me well, money burns a hole in my wallet and I love shoes and clothing- hence the style blog. Here they are!!

These beauties are from Forever 21 ($18) Such a deal and even though they are flat, have a good heel support and are SO COMFORTABLE!! I was worried the straps around my feet would be too constricting, but they were perfect, and they held the shoe onto my foot well. You know how sometimes sandals like this hang off your feet and they're hard to walk in? Yea these don't do it. They come in 2 colors: bronze and gold -- GO GET SOME BEFORE THEY RUN OUT!!

OH BABY!! These I am SO excited for. They are 4 and a half inches of awesomeness. What am I going to wear them with? Everything. This shade of blue can almost be treated like a neutral, it goes with a lot of things and adds an amazing pop of color. I bought a great yellow and white striped summer dress from H & M that I'll wear these with. I got these on Ebay for $12, great right?

Because they're amazing for SUMMER! I love cowboy boots, but I don't like too cowboy-y. I don't wanna scream 'YEEEEHAW' every time I walk into a room, only sometimes. These are great because they don't have any leather embroidery as many boots do. They are also in a color that will go great with jean shorts, a flowy skirt, summer dresses and over jeans. And for $32 on Ebay, the price can't be beat boot-wise.

Ask me questions about shoes- as a woman, I consider myself an expert ; ) Do you like my tie dye blanket as the background?? It's kind of me in blanket form. Happy Styling!!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Workin' It: Day Four

Sorry there's no Day Three!! I went over to Sara's house after work and my parents weren't home to take a pic! I just wore a scoop neck black shirt, army green skinny cargos rolled up, black flats, a metal feather necklace and feather head band-so it wasn't very exciting.

Today was a great day!! It was the first day of our men's half yearly sale aaaaaand I SAW LIL' JON!!!!!!! It made me so happy, he walked within 10 feet of me was just so amazing, I wanted to scream but I didn't, cuz I don't want to lose my job! But if it was Lil' Wayne, I probably would've cried. My jaw would drop, I would sit down and cry for a bit, then I'd stand back up and go hug him and ask him to marry me.

I love working for Nordstrom, not only do you meet and become close with amazing people (who are all remarkably alike- in a good way) you make connections that will boost your career in a flash, and you rub shoulders with the rich and famous-who wouldn't want that??

One eye is always more squinty than the other hmmm...odd. I'm wearing the black sweater which is the replacement for the one I lost in California when I was at WIRAs. The red tank is long and very sheer, so I have a white cami underneath. Peacock feather earrings!!! YAY!

A simple waist belt keeps the tank from looking too loose and bulky. I'm also wearing super comfy stretch skinny jeans and cute sandals!! Notice how I mixed with coral red with the light blue in the sandals and earrings. If you mix bright colors like this, make sure everything else in the outfit is fairly toned down.

I love these sandals! I get a billion compliments on them every time I wear them. Someone even asked me today whose they were- meaning what big name designer...and she was surprised to hear they cost about 10 bucks at Love Culture. This goes to show that 1. cheaper clothing CAN look designer and 2. if you take care of your clothes and shoes, even the cheapest items will last.

Happy styling! And, GET OUT OF YOUR MIND! It's a Lil' Jon song, look it up ; ) Also- look up Gold Dust by DJ Fresh- Flux Pavilion Remix-- it's amazzzing dub.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Workin' It: Day Two

Today was more of same stuff, price checking, sizing and what not- super busy and feetsies hurtsies. BUT I'm making bank so I won't complain ; ) We are getting ready for a big sale in time for Father's Day and there is a lot of work to be done. So, because most of what I do currently is backroom stuff, I don't feel the need to be all dressed up everyday, so I always wear something basic but nice, actually most of what I wear to work is pretty basic. My department is super chill and we can wear jeans every day. Even though we sell designer clothes, there's not a competition for employees to dress all fancy every day.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Workin' It: Day One

I started work today! This was my first day back since Christmas Break so I was super excited to see everyone and get back in my element. Here's what I wore today, excuse the awful pictures and my face, this is 9:30pm after an 8 hour shift.

Did I mention how much I like tribal patterns?? This shirt has an awesome print that is neutral and easily mixed with other trends. I'm also rockin' the sleepy eyes and messy side braid- I think it's bedtime!!

White jeans are summery and go with everything!! These are my new best friends, as long as I don't destroy them since I'm so clumsy!! I survived 3 cups of coffee with these puppies and didn't spill a drop!

Motorcycle boots!! They're not super comfortable, but they're flat and good for work. These were an awesome investment. I got them for $35 at Famous Footwear while on a rampage for flat black boots I would take over the world in. I was angry when I bought them and since developed a certain 'walk' in them. I wear them for confidence.

Tomorrow I will have a full picture of my outfit so it's not pieced together with different pics!

10 Ways to Save TONS of Time in the Morning

Go ahead and hit snooze for about 10 more minutes, just don't forget to prepare ahead of time, I'll help! =)

1. Learn to LOVE natural makeup: Make your makeup routine super easy and light. Do a light dusting of loose powder, brown eyeliner, golden shadow, black mascara and you're done!

2. Master the messy ponytail: This is so easy and looks good! It's 'just rolled out of bed' meets 'just closed a multi-million dollar deal'. Here's the trick- spray your fingers with hairspray then run them through your hair, scrunching and lightly twisting the ends (this creates some body and texture, use a tousle spray if you have one), part your hair slightly off-center, pull back into a loose pony then tighten in an upward motion. Daaaaaamn, don't you look good!

3. Riding boots and hoodies- 'nuff said: When you're in a super hurry and don't need to be ubber dressed up, throw this on- skinny jeans, riding boots, tank or tee, a loose zip-up hoodie and your favorite necklace. GOOD TO GO!!

4. Shower the night before: If you sleep on your wet hair it'll make the messy pony that much better. 

5. Use toner: If you don't have time to wash your face, just rub off old makeup and remove excess oil with a cotton ball and toner- heck, balled TP works just as well!

6. Use a mini lotion as your perfume: Buy mini Bath and Body Works lotions in your favorite scents to keep in your purse, car- everywhere! Dab it on your wrists, neck and rub into hands. Apply every few hours and you'll be fresh all day!

7. Create Go-To outfits: Have a pre-planned outfit (or two) for when you need to look good in a flash!

8. Lay out your outfit the night before: Are you slapping yourself right now? Come on, why didn't YOU think of that??

9. Keep $4 in quarters in your purse: This is for the Starbucks you'll need since you didn't have time to make coffee, make sure it's in a separate coin purse so you forget about it and won't spend if before you need it. This doubles as bus money when you don't have time to get $$ out!

10. Guess what you forgot to do...BRUSH YOUR TEETH! Really? Ew. Always keep a toothbrush and mini toothpaste in your purse. Why wouldn't you? It's not like they take up a lot of space or are heavy. A toothbrush and mini toothpaste cost maybe four dollars, well worth the money. GUM IS NOT PROFESSIONAL! Always remember that.

Sweet Dreams!

Tribal Trends...with a fedora??

Hi Friends!!
So today I decided to share two of my favorite trends: fedoras and tribal patterns. Now, I am not the biggest fan of fedoras on guys, but I think they look adorable on us young ladies, especially as an alternative to a sun hat. A fedora looks great with everything from a polished top and jeans, to a bikini and sheer tank- So never think that it doesn't work with your wardrobe. I would recommend getting a less traditional looking fedora. The one I have is from Mexico.

I chose patterned vs. solid because it will add dimension and interest to any outfit.

Now for the Tribal Trend
I am in LOVE with this headband that I bought at Nordstrom for $10. It works super well with any hair type, color or cut and adds the tribal aspect without being overpowering.

Now to get SUPER CRAZY!
So let's say I was in a tribal-ish mood AND a fedora-ish mood...what on God's Green Earth would I do?? Well, I would mix them- oh my! It's as simple and stylish as this...

The possibilities are ENDLESS! Any elastic headband you have can work with this. If you are less daring with the bold patterns, then stick to a solid hat. Happy styling!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

How to Wear Summer Scarves

A big hit this summer are scarves. I know, scarves in summer? Are you kidding? But these scarves are in super light, breathable fabrics, come in bright colors and are the perfect addition to any summer outfit, no matter the temperature. Here are a few tricks to styling a summer outfit with a cute scarf.
Mixing Colors
Mixing up bright colors is a fun way to wear a summer scarf. Don't be scared, be daring!! Mixing bright colors is easy, stick with similar undertones and  you'll be surprised how many colorful combinations you'll come up with!

What I'm wearing: Black bikini top (target), sheer red tank top (H & M), white shorts, light blue scarf (gift) and an accent flower from H & M.

Sticking with the Basics
This is super easy and such a comfy look. It's not runway model stylish but it's a presentable look good for hanging out at home, shopping downtown and going to a movie with friends. Trade in the leggings for jeans, trade in the short sleeve for a long sleeve for winter or fall, heck, make the shirt black! Just remember two important things: simple top and bottom, bright scarf and bright shoes.

What I'm wearing: Ikat patterned infinity scarf (Nordstrom), long white, fitted tee (Nordstrom), Leggings rolled (Nordstrom- are we noticing a trend??) And Love Culture sandals- bah boom!!

Chilly Summer Day
Once again, this is so easy and versatile. Pair a patterned scarf with a simple tee, sweatshirt and jeans/jean shorts and TOMS. You don't have to do the TOMS, but I'm a big fan so I suggest owning a pair and wearing them proudly. Also, have the sunglasses just in case it gets sunny!

What I'm wearing: Scarf (gift), tee (you can't see it but it's a heathered white v-neck from H & M), jean shorts (Anchor Blue), gray zip up hoodie (Ross), sunglasses (Nordstrom) and TOMS!!!!!!

Evening Out
Dressing up is awesome during the summer because there are so many cute dresses, skirts and tops that are floral and flowy. This is the area where pairing a scarf in the summer is hardest. If you have a bright pattern, like with this skirt, keep everything else slightly toned down. The scarf I'm wearing is white, gray and black with a hint of sparkle. The low key sparkle adds more dimension to the outfit as does the lace top, but without overpowering the skirt.

What I'm wearing: Black lace tank (Nordstrom), skirt (Nordstrom-surprising?), scarf (For Love 21) Notice I am not wearing shoes, this is because I pride myself in the killer heels I own and didn't want them to be the focus of the picture.
; )

Please see my earlier post with a link to the youtube video 25 Ways to Wear a Scarf.

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Friday, June 10, 2011

25 ways to tie a scarf

...Because goodness knows we all need help with this! Scarves are amazing, I love them and I REALLY love finding new ways to tie them, I mean, what better way to give new life to an outfit!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Styling Your Closet

Hello lovies! If you're like me, you moved home from school and just tossed everything in your closet, too lazy and burned out to organize it. Well I have been home from school for a month now, and my closet is still an absolute mess. I know, this is a terrible trait in someone who has a style blog and is a Nordstrom employee. So for motivation, I decided to do a blog piece on my closet styling process! I hope this helps you too!

Getting Ready: Turn on some tunes- I like my Tom Petty playlist on Pandora. It features the Eagles, Beatles, Billy Idol, Journey, Red Hot Chili Peppers and of course toooons of Tom Petty! Next, grab a drink, I prefer Pomegranate/Cranberry Juice with sparkling water. Last, make sure your day is wide open! You will need to whole day to do this right, so wake up at a decent time and don't make any plans! Open your blinds and the window, let some sunshine and fresh air in and get to work!

The Process: This will be step by step, so follow closely!

1. Get everything out of your closet, item by item.

2.  Make sure it is on the hanger the right way and separate into categories. Your categories should be as follows:

  • Black tank tops- if you're like me, you have lots of different styles of black tank tops; embellished, lace, metallic screen printed, lots of different ones for many different occasions.
  • Other nice tank tops and blouses- THESE ARE NOT BASICS. These are printed tops, tanks and blouses, with different textiles and textures. 
  • Plain tops and tanks- or BASICS. These are your basics, and if you lack closet space and have drawers available, these with put into your drawers. 
  • Skirts- short skirts, long skirts, they all go in this pile
  • Dresses- if you have any longer shirts or tanks that could count as dresses, just count them as shirts or tanks. Dresses shouldn't have to be refashioned to look like a dress. 
  • Jeans and pants- shorts will also into your drawers. 
  • Trial- any clothing that you're not sure whether or not you want to keep. If you haven't worn it in a long time, will never come pack in style or is just completely hideous- get rid of it. If it's a good piece from an older trend, it may come back in style and then be considered vintage! So hold onto if for now, it'll just go in the back. 
3. Now get your shoes out and separate them into similar categories. 
4. Get your handbags out. If you have a lot then separate them out but if you have less than ten then it shouldn't really be an issue. Take everything out of your handbags. The last thing you want to do is put your bags in a nice order then have to go through them all because you can't find your favorite lip gloss. 

5. Leave all 'memorable clothing' in the back of your closet, this would include formal dresses, graduation gowns, bridesmaid dress, wedding dress and uniforms. Any clothing that you most likely won't wear again but has a lot of special meaning. 

 Here I have my bridesmaid dress, cheerleading uniform, graduation gown, old dance costumes and formal dresses. 

6. Here's the tricky part: You want to make your closet beautiful, it should be a piece of art and should strike you with inspiration when you open the door. I suggest wrapping your scarves wherever you can and hanging up all necklaces. Bracelets and rings should strung onto ribbon and hung up. Your nicest shoes and handbags should be in the center of your closet and on display. If you're obsessed with sunglasses like I am, hang those up too. 

My crazy sunglasses and some of my favorite shoes are on display. 

My scarves and ribbon are wrapped on the sides and my necklaces are hanging.

7. Find the best places to hang up each category you have. All shirts should be in one spot and skirts and dresses should be on the other side. Make sure everything is facing the same way! This will create a lot less stress when you are trying to find an outfit. 

The finished product; clean, organized and everything is easily within reach. Let the creative juices flow! 

8. Put your trial pile in the back, and refer to often so you will know if you'll really ever wear those clothes again. 

The Cool Down: Keep your closet door open for a while so you can look at your marvelous work of art, take pictures and post them online like I did. Then stuff yourself with food, it's ok, calories don't count since you just put in so much work, I mean, that's like pounds and pounds of clothing and shoes you just had to move! 

Sunday, June 5, 2011


Well lovies, I am back from a week long stint in Mexico. I was in Cabo relaxing and while there, was flooded with inspiration! Hang with me while I get some stuff together and check back often to see what's new!!