Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Bachelorette Nights

So me and my friends always watch the Bachelorette on Monday nights. I love it. I will be on the show someday if I don't find a good man soon. I'm kind of joking, but only kind of. It might happen. ANYWAY, Monday I wore a decently cute outfit. It doesn't take much creativity to make a tshirt and jeans super cute so here is the trick yo: ACCESSORIES AND CUTE SHOES!! This is when being cheap accessory and shoe obsessed is the greatest thing in the entire world.

BAM! Headband (Nordstrom $10) belt (Love Culture, it came on a dress) orrrrrr...just find a piece of rope?? and flats from a store in Snohomish. So freaking easy, you have no excuse to every wear just jeans and a tshirt again. Happy Styling!

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