Wednesday, August 31, 2011

DIY: Drab t-shirt to Dazzling Tank

I am in a Walmart refashioning phase. I really should be studying for my quiz tomorrow, but I figured I could do some review later. If you need some time away from work for a while, try this fun project!!

Take any t-shirt you barely wear or buy a cheap one at Walmart. 

Cut off the sleeves, 1 inch away from the armhole seems. You want the armhole to be decently wide because you will be tying it in the back. 

Now, cut a deep neck, cut both the front and back layers at the same time. 

Next, cut the back even deeper than the front, this is to reduce any pilling at the front and by the arms. 

Last, put the shirt on and tie it in back with ribbon. I find it easiest to tie when it is on to ensure you tie it in the right place. If you desire, cut the bottom of the shirt in a curved fashion to make it cropped with small points on either side, this makes it great for layering over other tanks!! 

Try this with all of your old t-shirts!! 

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

DIY: Off-the-Shoulder Sweatshirt

It's been forever again, I'm so sorry! School/Crew started last week and I'm just trying to focus and get into the swing of things. Taking some time to get organized NOW will hopefully prevent mental breakdowns LATER.

keep your fingers crossed

As a way to keep my creative juices flowing while living in the small town of Pullman, Washington (look it up, I promise it won't be exciting) and wearing shorts, t-shirts and running shoes every day at practice, I've decided to take the 'Best of Pullman' and find a way to make it stylish. Some of you may know where this is going...those of you that don't, beware. The 'Best of Pullman' is our Super Walmart. Yes, Walmart. It opened last year and was the most exciting thing WSU students had seen since we won the Apple Cup back in 2008. 

I know what you're thinking: Brittany, how COULD you? You're supposed to be delivering us quality fashion advice in a positive, individualistic way! My rebuttal? I'M TRYING. Try living in Pullman, our poor excuse for a mall is 8 miles away in Idaho (of all places), and it has maybe 2 good stores, and a Macy's (ew) The closest Nordstrom is over 90 miles away. In this dire circumstance, I'm resorting to desperate measures. This DIY is a great bargain and is also highly versatile. 

First, acquire a Hanes crewneck sweatshirt from Walmart, they are $5 or less and come in a bunch of different colors. I used a size Large, and would normally wear a Small. Measure 1 inch from the neck stitching on either side and cut. When you get to the bottom of the curve, hug the seam, you don't want to cut too deep.

Next, cut small slits in the waist band. Make sure you are only cutting the slits on one side of the band, these will serve as belts loops. Space the slits as you so desire, I did 2 slits about 2 inches apart then left a 3 inch space. Cut these around the whole band. 

Last, slip a satiny ribbon through the slits, scrunch the band a little bit, and tie into a bow! 

Wear it with leggings, wear it with jeans, wear it with shorts on a warm, breezy day!! 

There you have it, a cute sweatshirt restyled from a Walmart sweatshirt! 

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Nature Nurture Heaven and Home

World, I'm sorry if I'll never meet your ideals, but I meet mine and honestly, that's all I really care about.

Find your Personal Style 
 Take your favorite tank top, favorite skirt, tights and boots and pair them together. Chances are, it'll look great, if it doesn't at first, tweak it a bit till it does work and accessorize accordingly. This outfit should make you feel really great about yourself.

photo by LRK Studios

Listen to music that makes you think "wow, these are my brain waves in musical form". If it's music that is truly meaningful to you, creativity will flow and you'll easily create something that is purely you.
I listen to A Perfect Circle and Puscifer <3

Spend some quality time with people you love. 

Title from Puscifer 'The Humbling River' 

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Rockin' the Leather Skinnys

I am calling it right now-- LEATHER PANTS will be a huge hit for Fall/Winter 

If I end up being wrong then I will happily eat my words. 

That being said, here's what's new with leather pants: They're skinnier, more flattering, in some cases cheaper, less constricting, and they go with everything!! Can you tell why I'm excited?? 

photo from styleinspired

These things are versatile, I'll say it again VERSATILE. Wear them with anything, sweaters, tshirts, layered tank tops, bright colors, dark colors, FAUX FUR, boots, sandals, flats, but please no running shoes or converse or anything similar

Jumping for joy in my leather pants!

They add an edgier look to any outfit and let's face it, we all need more adventure in our lives. 


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Less is More

Through fashion blogging research, one observation I've made is that bloggers often style their outfits with an ungodly number of accessories and layers. Sure, this is a great look for cyberspace and shows off each individuals' ability to style, but it is not very practical for every day wear. In light of this discovery, I have created the 'Minimalist Fashion Selector'. Simply choose an option from each category and put together your simple yet chic outfit!

photo from

Minimalist Fashion Selector
Choose one of the following from each category

  • leggings
  • skinnys
  • mini (high waisted with top tucked in)
  • layered tanks (limit 2)
  • basic top and blazer
  • basic tee (preferably longer, less fitted with v-neck or scoop neck) 
  • riding boots (if paired with the mini, please wear tights) 
  • oxfords or flats
  • sandals
  • heels
 Accessories-choose ONLY two
  • watch/bracelet
  • headband/hat
  • sunglasses
  • scarf
  • necklace
  • earrings
  • fashion rings (limit 1 per hand)
Keep it simple: Foundation, blush, mascara, touch of eyeliner and a neutral lip.