Thursday, October 4, 2012

Mexican Chocolate Heaven

I obviously have some exams coming up, why else would I be blogging like a fiend?? 

So I have this problem, when I get hungry every two hours, sometimes every hour, often every half hour. 

I'm basically always hungry. I probably eat like 3000 calories a day. 

Anyway, I just made the most amazing creation!!!

What is it?!?! 


That's what it is. Or it's just Vanilla Greek yogurt, cinnamon and dark chocolate syrup that I stirred the crap out of so it's a really smooth texture. 

I couldn't just call it yogurt, that's boring. 

A Review: ChocoVine

I'm all for creative ideas. 

Hell, I get crazy if I don't have some sort of craft project going on. 

I'm also all for trying new things.

So when I saw THIS at my local Winco....

...I just HAD to.

My main purpose of this experiment was to have another bottle in the wine aisle to make fun of. But I'm still undecided whether or not I'll actually do this.

Here are my thoughts:

There is no wine in this. It says 'The taste of dutch chocolate and fine red wine' Dutch chocolate? yes, fine red wine? no. Red wine? no. Wine?? Nope.

I think there's actually vodka in this!!


Because it tastes EXACTLY like the chocolate martinis my mom and I are obsessed with at the martini bar we go to in Mexico. So either, ChocoVine is bottling Cabo's chocolate martini awesomeness, or our favorite  martini bar is serving us bottled chocolate wine and calling it a martini!!

Now, I wouldn't make such harsh accusations if I wasn't completely certain that the alcohol content of this 'wine' is actually derived from fermented potatoes. Because I'm quite certain it is. Wine just doesn't have that alcoholic taste that this stuff has. And I'm not stating these claims because I'm having a vodka effect vs. a wine effect. I mean, this is coming from the girl who doesn't even drink anymore. (other than wine, like once a month, and a marg, like, once every three months) But seriously, I've had like an ounce of this, and it's not wine. I mean, those people in Holland might just be tricking us Americans... Holland isn't exactly known for their wine. I might have Alex call them to investigate this further-- he's fluent in Dutch. (A man of many talents)

IN CONCLUSION: If you like chocolate martinis, by all means, get this stuff. That's exactly what it is. If you were hoping for something a little more wino-ish, you won't find it here.

Will I make fun of it? Probably. Will I still buy it if I'm on my period? Absolutely.

Happy Drinking! umm, err... what??

<3 b

Turkey pre-Turkey Day

Every day I learn something new about Alex. It's normally just another food that he doesn't like. 

I know, ME with a PICKY EATER?? I can't believe it either... 
This is the girl who eats raw oysters off the half shell, orders an elk burger at Deschutes in Portland, dips bacon in sea salt caramel gelato (I have to give Alex credit for this one, he's a genius) I could live off of figs an bleu cheese, I will inhale seafood of any kind, I will choose affogato over almost any other dessert (look it up) I've tried escargot-and liked it, and I laugh when my friends make their own spaghetti sauce and call it gourmet (for real?) or when people go to Black Angus and say their steak was really good (for real???) OR when people open a bottle of Barefoot wine and think its GOOD? FOR REAL? 

I apologize if I'm being pretentious, I just really really appreciate good food. 

But since I'm stuck with him (quite happily I might add) I'm just going to put up with it and try to make him happy with my cooking. 

But I can't help but get in a glint in my eye and think 'challenge accepted' every time he tells me some sort of food he doesn't like. 

This is only slightly evil. A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do to please her man and also still eat the foods she likes.

Or in this case, the foods that are better for her waistline.

So I developed the ultimate Turkey Burger!

Alex hates turkey... maybe I can tell him it's pork??

What you'll need:

ground turkey
herbs de Provence
garlic powder
salt & pepper
hot sauce
light mayonnaise
artichoke hearts

Mix turkey with herbs, coriander, garlic powder and salt & pepper, mix well and cook in a pan with a little EVOO. Mix the mayonnaise, garlic and hot sauce, viola, spicy aoili. Create a bed of spinach, throw some aoili on it, put the burger on top, more spinach, more aoili, throw a few artichoke hearts on the side and there you are! 

I don't do buns, you can if you'd like, but I don't. This took only 15 minutes to make, cut corners where you can--artichokes from a jar!! This is far from gourmet, but it's good and healthy for a busy night of studying. Maybe I can even get the boy to try it...hmmm.

Happy Cooking!! 
<3 b