Tuesday, June 14, 2011

10 Ways to Save TONS of Time in the Morning

Go ahead and hit snooze for about 10 more minutes, just don't forget to prepare ahead of time, I'll help! =)

1. Learn to LOVE natural makeup: Make your makeup routine super easy and light. Do a light dusting of loose powder, brown eyeliner, golden shadow, black mascara and you're done!

2. Master the messy ponytail: This is so easy and looks good! It's 'just rolled out of bed' meets 'just closed a multi-million dollar deal'. Here's the trick- spray your fingers with hairspray then run them through your hair, scrunching and lightly twisting the ends (this creates some body and texture, use a tousle spray if you have one), part your hair slightly off-center, pull back into a loose pony then tighten in an upward motion. Daaaaaamn, don't you look good!

3. Riding boots and hoodies- 'nuff said: When you're in a super hurry and don't need to be ubber dressed up, throw this on- skinny jeans, riding boots, tank or tee, a loose zip-up hoodie and your favorite necklace. GOOD TO GO!!

4. Shower the night before: If you sleep on your wet hair it'll make the messy pony that much better. 

5. Use toner: If you don't have time to wash your face, just rub off old makeup and remove excess oil with a cotton ball and toner- heck, balled TP works just as well!

6. Use a mini lotion as your perfume: Buy mini Bath and Body Works lotions in your favorite scents to keep in your purse, car- everywhere! Dab it on your wrists, neck and rub into hands. Apply every few hours and you'll be fresh all day!

7. Create Go-To outfits: Have a pre-planned outfit (or two) for when you need to look good in a flash!

8. Lay out your outfit the night before: Are you slapping yourself right now? Come on, why didn't YOU think of that??

9. Keep $4 in quarters in your purse: This is for the Starbucks you'll need since you didn't have time to make coffee, make sure it's in a separate coin purse so you forget about it and won't spend if before you need it. This doubles as bus money when you don't have time to get $$ out!

10. Guess what you forgot to do...BRUSH YOUR TEETH! Really? Ew. Always keep a toothbrush and mini toothpaste in your purse. Why wouldn't you? It's not like they take up a lot of space or are heavy. A toothbrush and mini toothpaste cost maybe four dollars, well worth the money. GUM IS NOT PROFESSIONAL! Always remember that.

Sweet Dreams!


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