Monday, June 6, 2011

Styling Your Closet

Hello lovies! If you're like me, you moved home from school and just tossed everything in your closet, too lazy and burned out to organize it. Well I have been home from school for a month now, and my closet is still an absolute mess. I know, this is a terrible trait in someone who has a style blog and is a Nordstrom employee. So for motivation, I decided to do a blog piece on my closet styling process! I hope this helps you too!

Getting Ready: Turn on some tunes- I like my Tom Petty playlist on Pandora. It features the Eagles, Beatles, Billy Idol, Journey, Red Hot Chili Peppers and of course toooons of Tom Petty! Next, grab a drink, I prefer Pomegranate/Cranberry Juice with sparkling water. Last, make sure your day is wide open! You will need to whole day to do this right, so wake up at a decent time and don't make any plans! Open your blinds and the window, let some sunshine and fresh air in and get to work!

The Process: This will be step by step, so follow closely!

1. Get everything out of your closet, item by item.

2.  Make sure it is on the hanger the right way and separate into categories. Your categories should be as follows:

  • Black tank tops- if you're like me, you have lots of different styles of black tank tops; embellished, lace, metallic screen printed, lots of different ones for many different occasions.
  • Other nice tank tops and blouses- THESE ARE NOT BASICS. These are printed tops, tanks and blouses, with different textiles and textures. 
  • Plain tops and tanks- or BASICS. These are your basics, and if you lack closet space and have drawers available, these with put into your drawers. 
  • Skirts- short skirts, long skirts, they all go in this pile
  • Dresses- if you have any longer shirts or tanks that could count as dresses, just count them as shirts or tanks. Dresses shouldn't have to be refashioned to look like a dress. 
  • Jeans and pants- shorts will also into your drawers. 
  • Trial- any clothing that you're not sure whether or not you want to keep. If you haven't worn it in a long time, will never come pack in style or is just completely hideous- get rid of it. If it's a good piece from an older trend, it may come back in style and then be considered vintage! So hold onto if for now, it'll just go in the back. 
3. Now get your shoes out and separate them into similar categories. 
4. Get your handbags out. If you have a lot then separate them out but if you have less than ten then it shouldn't really be an issue. Take everything out of your handbags. The last thing you want to do is put your bags in a nice order then have to go through them all because you can't find your favorite lip gloss. 

5. Leave all 'memorable clothing' in the back of your closet, this would include formal dresses, graduation gowns, bridesmaid dress, wedding dress and uniforms. Any clothing that you most likely won't wear again but has a lot of special meaning. 

 Here I have my bridesmaid dress, cheerleading uniform, graduation gown, old dance costumes and formal dresses. 

6. Here's the tricky part: You want to make your closet beautiful, it should be a piece of art and should strike you with inspiration when you open the door. I suggest wrapping your scarves wherever you can and hanging up all necklaces. Bracelets and rings should strung onto ribbon and hung up. Your nicest shoes and handbags should be in the center of your closet and on display. If you're obsessed with sunglasses like I am, hang those up too. 

My crazy sunglasses and some of my favorite shoes are on display. 

My scarves and ribbon are wrapped on the sides and my necklaces are hanging.

7. Find the best places to hang up each category you have. All shirts should be in one spot and skirts and dresses should be on the other side. Make sure everything is facing the same way! This will create a lot less stress when you are trying to find an outfit. 

The finished product; clean, organized and everything is easily within reach. Let the creative juices flow! 

8. Put your trial pile in the back, and refer to often so you will know if you'll really ever wear those clothes again. 

The Cool Down: Keep your closet door open for a while so you can look at your marvelous work of art, take pictures and post them online like I did. Then stuff yourself with food, it's ok, calories don't count since you just put in so much work, I mean, that's like pounds and pounds of clothing and shoes you just had to move! 

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  1. Your closet looks amazing and so chic! I am inspired. I am going to rearrange mine when I get home :)