Friday, June 17, 2011

Workin' It: Day Four

Sorry there's no Day Three!! I went over to Sara's house after work and my parents weren't home to take a pic! I just wore a scoop neck black shirt, army green skinny cargos rolled up, black flats, a metal feather necklace and feather head band-so it wasn't very exciting.

Today was a great day!! It was the first day of our men's half yearly sale aaaaaand I SAW LIL' JON!!!!!!! It made me so happy, he walked within 10 feet of me was just so amazing, I wanted to scream but I didn't, cuz I don't want to lose my job! But if it was Lil' Wayne, I probably would've cried. My jaw would drop, I would sit down and cry for a bit, then I'd stand back up and go hug him and ask him to marry me.

I love working for Nordstrom, not only do you meet and become close with amazing people (who are all remarkably alike- in a good way) you make connections that will boost your career in a flash, and you rub shoulders with the rich and famous-who wouldn't want that??

One eye is always more squinty than the other hmmm...odd. I'm wearing the black sweater which is the replacement for the one I lost in California when I was at WIRAs. The red tank is long and very sheer, so I have a white cami underneath. Peacock feather earrings!!! YAY!

A simple waist belt keeps the tank from looking too loose and bulky. I'm also wearing super comfy stretch skinny jeans and cute sandals!! Notice how I mixed with coral red with the light blue in the sandals and earrings. If you mix bright colors like this, make sure everything else in the outfit is fairly toned down.

I love these sandals! I get a billion compliments on them every time I wear them. Someone even asked me today whose they were- meaning what big name designer...and she was surprised to hear they cost about 10 bucks at Love Culture. This goes to show that 1. cheaper clothing CAN look designer and 2. if you take care of your clothes and shoes, even the cheapest items will last.

Happy styling! And, GET OUT OF YOUR MIND! It's a Lil' Jon song, look it up ; ) Also- look up Gold Dust by DJ Fresh- Flux Pavilion Remix-- it's amazzzing dub.


  1. Love the orange and teal blue color combo! So pretty together :)

  2. Thanks!! Its my favorite color combo =)