Sunday, June 12, 2011

How to Wear Summer Scarves

A big hit this summer are scarves. I know, scarves in summer? Are you kidding? But these scarves are in super light, breathable fabrics, come in bright colors and are the perfect addition to any summer outfit, no matter the temperature. Here are a few tricks to styling a summer outfit with a cute scarf.
Mixing Colors
Mixing up bright colors is a fun way to wear a summer scarf. Don't be scared, be daring!! Mixing bright colors is easy, stick with similar undertones and  you'll be surprised how many colorful combinations you'll come up with!

What I'm wearing: Black bikini top (target), sheer red tank top (H & M), white shorts, light blue scarf (gift) and an accent flower from H & M.

Sticking with the Basics
This is super easy and such a comfy look. It's not runway model stylish but it's a presentable look good for hanging out at home, shopping downtown and going to a movie with friends. Trade in the leggings for jeans, trade in the short sleeve for a long sleeve for winter or fall, heck, make the shirt black! Just remember two important things: simple top and bottom, bright scarf and bright shoes.

What I'm wearing: Ikat patterned infinity scarf (Nordstrom), long white, fitted tee (Nordstrom), Leggings rolled (Nordstrom- are we noticing a trend??) And Love Culture sandals- bah boom!!

Chilly Summer Day
Once again, this is so easy and versatile. Pair a patterned scarf with a simple tee, sweatshirt and jeans/jean shorts and TOMS. You don't have to do the TOMS, but I'm a big fan so I suggest owning a pair and wearing them proudly. Also, have the sunglasses just in case it gets sunny!

What I'm wearing: Scarf (gift), tee (you can't see it but it's a heathered white v-neck from H & M), jean shorts (Anchor Blue), gray zip up hoodie (Ross), sunglasses (Nordstrom) and TOMS!!!!!!

Evening Out
Dressing up is awesome during the summer because there are so many cute dresses, skirts and tops that are floral and flowy. This is the area where pairing a scarf in the summer is hardest. If you have a bright pattern, like with this skirt, keep everything else slightly toned down. The scarf I'm wearing is white, gray and black with a hint of sparkle. The low key sparkle adds more dimension to the outfit as does the lace top, but without overpowering the skirt.

What I'm wearing: Black lace tank (Nordstrom), skirt (Nordstrom-surprising?), scarf (For Love 21) Notice I am not wearing shoes, this is because I pride myself in the killer heels I own and didn't want them to be the focus of the picture.
; )

Please see my earlier post with a link to the youtube video 25 Ways to Wear a Scarf.

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