Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tribal Trends...with a fedora??

Hi Friends!!
So today I decided to share two of my favorite trends: fedoras and tribal patterns. Now, I am not the biggest fan of fedoras on guys, but I think they look adorable on us young ladies, especially as an alternative to a sun hat. A fedora looks great with everything from a polished top and jeans, to a bikini and sheer tank- So never think that it doesn't work with your wardrobe. I would recommend getting a less traditional looking fedora. The one I have is from Mexico.

I chose patterned vs. solid because it will add dimension and interest to any outfit.

Now for the Tribal Trend
I am in LOVE with this headband that I bought at Nordstrom for $10. It works super well with any hair type, color or cut and adds the tribal aspect without being overpowering.

Now to get SUPER CRAZY!
So let's say I was in a tribal-ish mood AND a fedora-ish mood...what on God's Green Earth would I do?? Well, I would mix them- oh my! It's as simple and stylish as this...

The possibilities are ENDLESS! Any elastic headband you have can work with this. If you are less daring with the bold patterns, then stick to a solid hat. Happy styling!

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