Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Shoes, shoes, shoes...FOR CHEAP!!

So I have recently acquired 3 new pairs of shoes. This should not be that surprising to anyone who knows me well, money burns a hole in my wallet and I love shoes and clothing- hence the style blog. Here they are!!

These beauties are from Forever 21 ($18) Such a deal and even though they are flat, have a good heel support and are SO COMFORTABLE!! I was worried the straps around my feet would be too constricting, but they were perfect, and they held the shoe onto my foot well. You know how sometimes sandals like this hang off your feet and they're hard to walk in? Yea these don't do it. They come in 2 colors: bronze and gold -- GO GET SOME BEFORE THEY RUN OUT!!

OH BABY!! These I am SO excited for. They are 4 and a half inches of awesomeness. What am I going to wear them with? Everything. This shade of blue can almost be treated like a neutral, it goes with a lot of things and adds an amazing pop of color. I bought a great yellow and white striped summer dress from H & M that I'll wear these with. I got these on Ebay for $12, great right?

Because they're amazing for SUMMER! I love cowboy boots, but I don't like too cowboy-y. I don't wanna scream 'YEEEEHAW' every time I walk into a room, only sometimes. These are great because they don't have any leather embroidery as many boots do. They are also in a color that will go great with jean shorts, a flowy skirt, summer dresses and over jeans. And for $32 on Ebay, the price can't be beat boot-wise.

Ask me questions about shoes- as a woman, I consider myself an expert ; ) Do you like my tie dye blanket as the background?? It's kind of me in blanket form. Happy Styling!!

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