Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Workin' It: Day One

I started work today! This was my first day back since Christmas Break so I was super excited to see everyone and get back in my element. Here's what I wore today, excuse the awful pictures and my face, this is 9:30pm after an 8 hour shift.

Did I mention how much I like tribal patterns?? This shirt has an awesome print that is neutral and easily mixed with other trends. I'm also rockin' the sleepy eyes and messy side braid- I think it's bedtime!!

White jeans are summery and go with everything!! These are my new best friends, as long as I don't destroy them since I'm so clumsy!! I survived 3 cups of coffee with these puppies and didn't spill a drop!

Motorcycle boots!! They're not super comfortable, but they're flat and good for work. These were an awesome investment. I got them for $35 at Famous Footwear while on a rampage for flat black boots I would take over the world in. I was angry when I bought them and since developed a certain 'walk' in them. I wear them for confidence.

Tomorrow I will have a full picture of my outfit so it's not pieced together with different pics!

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