Sunday, December 11, 2011

Finals (In)sanity

Hello lovies, I apologize for the neglect in the past week. School has proclaimed war against me in the form of 'dead week' and final's week--- doesn't sound like fun? Trust me, it's not. In the meantime of this overload of school enforced torture, please refer the following link to keep your fashion mind updated. I love coats and jackets probably more than anything, nothing has so much of an impact on an outfit. This winter, I am a huge fan of the anorak coat, trendy, outdoorsy and WARM!

Stay sane in the wake of finals, this will pass, and hopefully our grades will too!!

love, b

Friday, December 2, 2011

Shoes every woman should own

I'm talking the must-haves honeys, and I actually DON'T own all of these must-haves, I know, what the hell! But these are shoes that are important in order to have a very classic and versatile wardrobe. I'm just a college student, so I can get away with not wearing something classy everyday. And even when I'm home and working at Nordies, I take advantage of being allowed fashionable creative license! It works GREAT for some people, my best friend, Sara, does Audrey Hepburn style that Audrey herself would be jealous of! But it doesn't suit all of us. This is why I have created this versatility list-- create something great!!

Here's the list: 
Black Pumps- I don't have any, and they're so necessary!! Failing at life. 

Wedges (Colorful/Patterned) - A beautiful find a Ross, I heart Steve Madden, the gray wedge sandals are Old Navy, another great, cheap find and so essential for summer with some white shorts. 

Black Sandals- Great with dresses, jeans and pretty much everything. Very summery but absolutely acceptable all other times of the year (preferably at events) as long as you don't mind cold feet! Nine West

Classy Flats- Great for work, to dress up some casual jeans or all other occasions when you just don't want to wear heels. Steve Madden (Ross) and plaid beauties from a local store in Snohomish. 

Bright Pumps- Because they're absolutely necessary when you need to break up a safe outfit.

Black Boots- They'll add some edge to any outfit and are GREAT for winter- dark jeans, leather jacket and scarf anyone? GUESS

Riding Boots- Yea, you think you're ok only owning one pair, but you're really not. I know what you're thinking every time you put on brown riding boots with an outfit with gray and black in it, 'Man, I really wish I had these boots in black'. JUST DO IT!! Steve Madden and Aldo 

Half-Calf Boots that you can wear with LITERALLY everything and you really should- Dark skinnies, floral top, long necklaces and a flower in your hair--- perfection. Nichole 

Booties that strange men tell you are FABULOUS << True story. Both of these beauties are from Ross.

Beaded Sandals that are a work of art but are impossible to walk in- They're just soooooo pretty!!! Anthropology

Hand painted TOMS- I think these are actually the most photographed shoes in the world. Sara painted these, so they're not only a work of art, but also very close to my heart (Rhyme was on purpose) 

Neutral Pumps- I don't have any!!! But EVERYONE has them!!! Go buy some!!! You need them too. 

Dark brown Sandals- Super classy for the summer time and liven up all those browns, neutrals and olive tones you wear =) Michael Kors <3

Hiking Boot Heels- The right pair will be purchased with my Nordies paycheck =) 

HIKING BOOTS & Nike's- Because we all gotta stay in shape!! 

lots of love, b