Tuesday, May 1, 2012

tri tri tri

It's bad for me to create new fitness goals before finals week, because that's all I can focus my attention and energy on. But hey, at least I'm not drinking it away like most college students. 

I did a 'stationary sprint tri' today. I'm calling it that because it was all inside. I feel like I did VERY well, giving me a lot of confidence in being able to do one this summer. The one I am looking at is July 22-- 82 days away! Hoping to place in top ten... 

BUT, there are some things I need to figure out other than training... a bike. Craigslist was a let down, size is the biggest thing for me with this bike, as well as weight, and it appears only tall girls are interested in selling their bikes and not for anything cheaper than what I could buy new. 

I DID find a beaut though

I want I want I want I want I want I want!! She's so pretty!! 

It'll be the perfect beginner's bike for tris (just over $700, not bad) and when I start winning shit and doing longer (and more) races I'll invest in something hardcore. 

I've done so much research on these things the past few days, I'm pretty proud of myself. If I could take back my stupidity of last Friday night I'd still have one of my best friends to teach me about all of this, but I guess figuring it all out on my own is just part of the process. Here's to many nights of research!! (and really really missing my best buddy) 


I have abs...yea that's right. I'm not even kidding, these 2-a-days are working like a charm. I'd take a picture as proof, but the last 2 of my six pack are still covered with the dreaded pouch. It's amazing how much I've leaned out this past month, but of course the pouch and love handles are the last to go-- figures. I'm confident they'll be gone in 3 weeks yay! 

That's all I've got for now, this cat needs to go study!!