Saturday, January 28, 2012

Gucci Spring/Summer 2012

Ladies, if you think you can trade in the sequins and mini skirts from holiday parties for jeans shorts and everything pink, think again! This spring and summer seems to be one of glitz and glam, with a few colorful accents (preferably green). Gucci just released their add campaign for their Spring/Summer 2012 collection. Containing all night wear, black, gold and all things shiny have made a huge presence. Throw in a crisp white piece and suddenly you've brought it into season.

Friday, January 20, 2012

The Skinny

So I just read an article about all of the health dangers of skinny jeans. All of you know that I am literally obsessed with skinny jeans- to the point that I don't care how 'out of style' they become, they will always be my fit of choice. I would like to offer some advice to those of you too scared to try this trend because of possible 'health factors'. Apparently, skinny jeans have been linked to nerve damage, digestive problems and yeast infections--- ew! So here we go...

1. Higher waisted- This will get rid of the digestive issues, an added plus- you can tuck the pooch into it and no one will know you just ate a grilled cheese! You could even tuck a loose tank in, add a belt and oh my god, so cute!

2. Go with a size bigger- I'm talking sizes like 26 and 27, don't buy jeans that go by 3/5 or 2/4, you're just asking to get the wrong fit. I normally wear a size 26, but in my skinny jeans I got a 27. They will fit comfortably, not be too tight and won't stretch out too much between washes.

3. They can never be 'too long' or 'too short'- If they're a little too short then they'll look great with flats or TOMS. If they're too long do the messy roll. No matter what, you'll never be walking on them, if anything they'll just bunch at your ankles.

4. Don't have misconceptions- They are SUPPOSED to be tight. No, this isn't whore-ish, it's style variety. Wear some loose layers on top and you'll look great.

Joe's Jeans- The Skinny in black <3 <3 <3

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Health: Down in the dumps diet

Many people around the world eat unhealthy diets, it's the product of a busy lifestyle-- and also attributes to increased inflammation, which in turn causes early onset of age related illnesses: heart disease, cancer, chronic fatigue to name a few. So let's turn this trend around!!

I am a self proclaimed addict. I'm addicted to caffeine, carbs, chocolate, sugar-- I have the appetite of a 5 year old! And this is probably why I am always tired, can't get out of bed and am cranky all the time! So I'm vowing now to change this and I encourage you to do the same. 

Limit intake of carbs, caffeine, sugar and fat. 
Increase intake of colorful vegetables and fruits. Whole grains are your new best friend. Olive oil, fish and flax will do you a world of good. Almonds! Berries! Honey! 

Energy Smoothie
Brew a cup of green tea and soak frozen, chopped ginger in it and add some honey. After it has steeped for 5 minutes, pour it in a blender. Add two handfuls of blueberries and some flax seed peanut butter and blend. It's a different taste and the ginger might be a little strong but it'll make you feel revived! 

Thursday, January 12, 2012

spring in snow

spring in snow

Vince loose shirt
£375 -

Short shorts
£18 -

Sabrina Dehoff bracelet
€199 -

CC SKYE pave ring
$155 -

Cuff bangle
£55 -

A change in the winds

Well my dears, it was quite the Christmas break. I had planned on posting regularly and instead worked 2 weeks with only 3 day's rest and the last week I spent running errands and mentally preparing for a new semester and new start. Due to academic reasons, I will not be finishing out my rowing season and thus have plenty of time on my hands! Most of which will be devoted to studying, of course; however, I intend on also spending it on my passion for design and styling.

I wanted to shed some light on the many things that I learned about life, and myself over this break.
Failure is the perfect learning opportunity.
Persevering through setbacks is what leads to success.
The better you look, the better you feel.
Stop worrying because it'll kill you, but it'll make you ugly first.
Choose to live what you love: my life is school, I hate school more than anything and I also hate my major-- DO NOT put yourself into this position!
Religion is a vessel for spirituality, the meaning in life is found through inner peace, if you find this with or without religion, great-- there's just no reason to start wars over it. Stop looking at the trail and look at the scenery.
TOLERANCE--- because we are all human.

And Now for the Styling Tip
Color-blocking and warmth:

Today it was 23 degrees when I went to class but I stayed perfectly warm without a bulky winter coat, here's how!

Navy blue long sleeve tshirt
Gray skinny jeans
Brown riding boots
Neutral short sleeved loose-knit sweater
Faux fur vest

Notice the color palette, it's varied but everything has the same tone, play it up with the color-blocking!