Saturday, February 23, 2013

Seattle Dreaming

There are many things I miss about home. Some things I miss specifically about my parents' house. The food, the drinks, the wine maker's atmosphere, my dogs. Others are things I miss about the city, and also the free time of summer, which I would spend going for long bike rides, when it wasn't raining, of course.

I thought I would share of a piece of my Seattle sanctuary with you all. 

Having a full length mirror and a job that promotes fashion. 

Long bike rides on this sexy beast, and destroying my leggies with pain.

Kafe Neo and their amazing chicken souvlaki and to die for greek fries. 

This little love bug.

My mom's perfectly seasonal and healthy creations. Those amazing dinners that she whips up when she 'doesn't feel like cooking'. A random mix of fish ceviche and beet and feta salad. 

This gem.

Those bright but somehow still cloudy summer days that are oh-so Seattle. 

Aperol Spritz via my daddy. The perfect blend of blood orange liqueur, bitters and prosecco- I highly recommend it. 

My equally delicious (and colorful) 'day off' concoction- tequila, orange juice, cranberry juice, sparkling water and a touch of creme of coconut for some added sweetness. A great lunch time drink on a hot day, as long as you're not driving anywhere. 

The early evening dopio, they just don't seem as elegant here, sigh. 

What's keeping me on the arrow is the knowledge that I'll see all of these things (and then some) in a few weeks. Also, the thought of graduation, so near, yet so far. 

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