Wednesday, April 4, 2012

body image

I'm going to stir up the pot a little here and address the most controversial topic in the fashion industry
body image
The fashion industry has completely changed the image of the 'perfect woman'. From beauties like Marilyn Monroe and Betty Page, both very curvy woman (around size 8/10) to beauties like Miranda Kerr (size 2 I'm guessing) 

The absolute worst thing any girl can do is to look at any of these woman, or ANY models and say 'I want to look like her'. Your body physically cannot look the same because no two bodies are built the same. 

This is a mistake I have spent the majority of my life making. 

Since I have a foot in the fashion pool, and the other in the health pool, I think I'm pretty qualified to give an informative opinion on this matter. 

There are currently a few laws in place in Europe which penalizes design houses for hiring models with less than 5% body fat. Here are a few statistics on body fat percentage for women:
Anything over 30% puts you at a severe risk for heart disease, diabetes, auto immune disorders, stroke---you name it, it's ALL PREVENTABLE
Anything less than 10% and you will lose your monthly period (along with all chances of having kids) you will begin losing muscle mass (because your body is quite literally eating it) and you will most likely be sick all the time because you're starving. 

Your goal should be between 18 and 24

To counteract the fashion industry's infatuation with semi-skeletal models, some houses have started using plus size models to show the world that it's 'ok' to be a little bigger. This rises a whole new problem. Many plus size models are actually unhealthy because of their higher body fat percentage. 

As humans, we are so drawn to the opposites. It's almost like we are so heavy-headed that we can't just have a different opinion from someone, we have to have the OPPOSITE opinion of someone. 
That's shit. 

So I'm going to say that both sides are wrong. Let's promote ATHLETIC bodies. 
Yea, a lot of people are gonna sigh and groan and think hell no. 
You're saying that because you don't know how amazing it feels to accomplish something you thought was impossible. 
Achieving an athletic and fit body really isn't hard, in fact, it's probably one of the simplest things you will ever do. Eat healthy, be active. 
No one says you have to start out by running a 5k every day. Don't be too hard on yourself, keep thinking positively, stick to your routine and I guarantee you will see results in your mind, body and soul.
^that's a deal no one should pass up!^

To help, I'll share my secrets, and you should trust me since I'm an aspiring personal trainer and dietitian. 

Breakfast: 2 glasses of water, 1 packet instant oatmeal and black coffee or green tea
Lunch: Fiesta wrap!! Fat free tortilla, Weight Watchers fat free Mexican blend cheese, 1 quarter ripe avocado, lean turkey lunch meat, spinach, hot sauce (this can be a breakfast burrito too, swap the turkey for scrambled eggs!) 2 glasses of water
Post workout smoothie: blueberries, ginger, almond milk, protein powder, ground flax seed, greek yogurt, bilberry nectar 
Dinner: Turkey meatballs and veggies (here) or chicken soup (here) lentil soup, baked flax chicken (I'll post those recipes later) a big, yummy spinach salad with egg and walnuts and chicken and cranberries--yum!!

Throughout the day snack on almonds, carrots, greek yogurt, a protein shake, leftovers, green tea and drink tons of water! 

I stay away from: gluten and flour in general, sugar (including fruit with a lot of sugar) fattening and processed foods and snacks, anything breaded or fried, dairy (other than low fat cheese and yogurt) 
I'll do another post soon including things that I swap in my diet to avoid cravings =) 

I do something active every day. I love distance running, but if I'm having an off day then I'll jump on the elliptical for 35 minutes at level 3/4 (70 reps/min) and do some abs and push-ups>> done in 45 minutes! 
Play your Zumba game on Wii, do mountain climbers and jumping jacks while watching a movie, just get in 30 minutes of cardio a day. This is a great starting point, once you do this, you'll notice you'll have a lot more energy to do more. 

If you have ANY questions at all please email me or comment me, I would LOVE to answer them. Tell me about your goals, tell me about your concerns, I want to help! 

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