Monday, April 2, 2012

i miss portland

I ventured to Portland for my spring break. 
This was about 3 weeksish ago, I know, I should've blogged about it earlier but I just got busy and have been since I got back.


At the risk of appearing more like the tourist than I actually was, I only took pictures at Voodoo Donuts, so to even out this blog post, I will space each event with a picture from Voodoo. 

I arrived at University of Portland at about 6pm. Kati was not answering her phone so I decided instead of sitting in my car on campus like a creep, I would make good use of the navigator on my droid and try to find the Nike store. 

This worked out GREAT

I got lost, so I found a Starbucks and decided to calm my nerves with a green tea. The man in line behind me was WAY too interested in what I ordered, Portland Creep #1. 

After a slightly frantic phone call from Kati (because I was lost) I used my expert sense of direction and found my way back to UP. You may wonder, "Britters, how is it that you have an expert sense of direction, yet somehow get lost all the time?" 
Well young observer, I am a human compass, I always know what direction I am facing... As long as I'm between a huge body of water and a mountain range, AKA western WA. 

After this adventure, Kati and I decided copious amounts of mexican food and tequila were in order. I mean, would ANYONE turn down copious amounts of mexican food and tequila?? I think not. 

We arrived at Cha Cha Cha's on Lombard (street name relevant to the story) And Lauren was going to meet us there! After already receiving our food and downing a marg, we got a call from Lauren asking where we were. She was at Cha Cha Cha's, Kati and I were at Cha Cha Cha's, but not at the SAME Cha Cha Cha's....dkjk3!>!3948jek?!?!?!?!

Apparently, there is more than one Cha Cha Cha's in Portland, there is one on Lombard, and one you have to CROSS Lombard to get to. This is where a smart phone navigator lead another astray. Lauren quickly realized this and was soon in mine and Kati's presence at the correct Cha Cha Cha's (why can't it just be Cha Cha's? I think two 'Chas' would get the point across) 

Crisis averted. 

I spent the night at Lauren's and the entire next day was 'Lauren Day'. Basically, anything Lauren did, I did, it was amazing!! We went for a run, went to Chemistry class, ordered the SAME coffee at BRITTANY'S Espresso (I was offered a job because all the baristas there spell their name the same way as me) hung out in the library while she interviewed someone for a class (I read Wuthering Heights on my phone) We went to sushi for lunch (some chick stole my calamari) then went back to her place and watched funny youtube vids until track practice (which I skipped because their 'easy' day was 40 min at an 8:30 pace, ahem, 'easy'???)  THEN we showered and got dressed to impress and headed out for Thai. 

Pad Thai with tofu and thai iced tea. Yum. Is there anywhere to get bubble tea in Pullman? I miss it. 

It was Friday, and after a super long, stressful week, student teachers must drink away their problems at the local, creepy, purple painted tavern-->> Kati didn't join us for Thai food. 

But that's ok, Lauren and I decided to take the Max(x)? to Voodoo Donuts! Little did I know this would only be first visit to Voodoo for the night and not my last! 

I'm great at taking pictures. 

The Max(x)? is full of Portland's Finest, or a bunch of dirty hipsters, thugs, gangsters and homeless people, or maybe they were just college students... This was a Portland experience for surzies. Lauren and I clung to our to-go donuts and the railing for dear life as the men around us with tear drop tattoos and heroin-induced elbow injuries stared. Portland Creeps #'s 2, 3, 4, 5, 6......

After many cat calls and bullet-dodging (I'm kidding, Mom, but only about the cat calls) We arrived safely at Lauren's apartment and I headed out to meet up with Kati and Brian for a night out. 

Kati was basically running around in her underwear getting ready while Brian laughed and welcomed me with a beer (what a guy) This would be my first time meeting Kati's new beau, Josh, so I was quizzing Brian about him while helping Kati figure out what to wear. We eventually headed out to the Thirsty Lion. 

Kati facebook tagged us 'in a taxi' 

After a drink that tasted like straight lemonade (umm where's my tequila?) I realized that Brian and his friend knew every single crazy story involving me and Kati. With a reputation to protect, and people to keep entertained whilst Kati flirted her ass off, I told my fart story. 

I'll save this story for another blog post. I'll just say that my reputation was protected and I exceeded all expectations.  

We closed out the bar and headed to Voodoo Donuts, because Kati wanted Josh to buy her a grape donut-- girrrrrrrrrl, you gold digger! Then we headed home, in another taxi. 

I crashed on Kati's floor and woke her up a mere 5 hours later to go running.

We went to Saturday Market after a few large cups of coffee, where I bought more coffee. Kati had to leave for a bridesmaid dress fitting and Lauren was still at track practice, so I figured it was about time to head back up to Seattle. It was St. Patrick's Day, afterall, and I decided that a crazy day with my slightly Irish, not-really-Irish-at-all parents was in order. 

I got lost again. I ended up on the Portland State campus and somehow found I-5 after looking it up on my phone, the only time the whole trip the smart phone navigator didn't lead me astray. 

I was welcomed home with an aperol cocktail, a guinness and shephard's pie, ooooh what a sweet life! 

Portland supplied me with a great weekend with great friends. I saw so many people and things that would get shot at by rednecks if they existed in Pullman.

Portland, I miss you. 

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