Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Outdoor Style

For years and years, my parents have been telling me that I am 'a mix of the two extremes'; by this they mean that I am a combination of very VERY outdoorsy and waaaaay obsessed with fashion. Most would think that this combination is both highly unlikely and impossible. However, I strive to prove that notion wrong. A little insight to this combination: I often walk around with Vogue and a book like David Roberts' 'On the Ridge Between Life and Death' in my bag. Today, I came into work with my parents wearing my trusty alpaca sweater with legging and riding boots, and toting my computer in my Gregory weekend pack-- if there is anyone else who does stuff like this, I would love to be your friend. In this post, I want to show you just how frequently style is mixed with the great outdoors... I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Outdoors meets Style/Style meets Outdoors

Hiking Boot Heels
Really though, how adorable are these? Whether you're an avid hiker trying to be stylish within your comfort zone, or a fashionista trying to get in touch with her inner tree woman, these are the go-to heel. 

Knit Headbands
Fashion AND function, these are so cute and you can find them everywhere in a variety of styles-- you can even make your own! 

Puffy Vest
I'm kind of a huge fan of vests; just because your torso is cold, doesn't mean your arms are cold. This happens to me almost every time I go hiking, so I always wear my trusty Old Navy fleece vest (the only thing I ever buy at Old Navy) I've noticed a lot of women sporting the 'bright sweatshirt, North Face puffy vest, yoga pants and Ugg boots look'; this is NOT what I'm suggesting, by all means wear that if you'd like, but it's not style. How about a puffy vest with a knit sweater, statement necklace, dark skinnies and riding boots? Cozy AND cute! 

And now, a little tip:
Invest in a good pair of fleece lined running leggings, like Under Armour cold gear. They are all black and you can wear them like normal leggings or tights and stay...at least 10 billion times warmer. Wear  long wool socks over those, then your hiking boot heels, puffy vest and head band-- YAY WARMTH!! 

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  1. Oh my gosh I love this post... not such a fan of the boots, but I'll do everything else but with riding boots instead. Now I just need to invest in a pair of those. And some leggings. And I need to make a headband!