Thursday, February 7, 2013

Crafty Chick

A few DIYs for your crafting pleasure. 

I stumbled upon some amazing fiery red feathers at my local TriState. It's sort of a hunting/fishing/outdoors/sporting goods/ hardware store. I love buying colorful feathers from fly fishing shops-- the employees rarely see women. With these feathers, I intended to decorate a patent black clutch that I have. However, in my indecisiveness, I realized I would rather paint one side of this clutch rather than feather it. So off to the store to find another cheap black clutch. 

I immediately headed to Rue 21 (Forever 21 for the Jersey Shore, basically) they normally have some decent bags on sale for super cheap. There, I found a basic black envelope clutch, with attached studded wrist cuff, so you'll never lose your bag in your drunkenness. Believe it or not, this bag was only $1... score! I picked up another one too, a bronze fold-over number that I plan on adding some pale orange glitter to.

The first thing I did was take off that awful cuff. The second thing consisted of getting in touch with my inner feathery friend. With the help of some super glue and a trip to the craft store, I came up with this. 

I added some tiny mirrors to highlight the envelope shape, and a simple jewelry chain as a strap. All I did with the chain was knot the ends to a length of my liking, slide it through an existing loop and under the flap. I plan to secure it with some super glue in the future. 

My second DIY is way easier than the first. Cell phone case + glass tiles = beautiful. All you need is super glue. 

It's not hard, or expensive to add a little bit of color and texture to your otherwise boringly black accessories .

Happy crafting! 

<3 b 

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