Friday, January 25, 2013

Now Trending: Classy Backs

Ladies: Never miss an opportunity to do up-dog when the sequence calls for crocodile, or child's pose when you could do downward dog, because all trendy tops these days seem to be 


And you need to work those muscles to get them looking good for this summer's biggest trend. 

This trend may raise the question 'what do I do for a bra?' 
well, all of these lucky girls can get away sans bra (jealous) 

For those of us 'gifted' with D cups on a tiny frame, we can use: bandeau tops, bandeau bikini tops, backless/strapless stickies, athletic tape, duct tape. Sounds like fun right? 

Or we can invest in one of those bras with the fancy lace or crochet back for this very occasion. 

Happy hopping! 

<3 b

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