Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Rockin' the Boy's Clothes

My guy tends to be a little bit forgetful ; )

Sometimes it causes little issues, like having to jump start his car because he left his lights on, but I actually think it's cute. These are the kinds of things I'm actually GOOD at remembering, so I can help out by reminding him. 


when he leaves a sweatshirt or jacket at my apartment, I don't remind him. I was lucky enough to find a guy who appreciates outerwear as much as, or MORE than I do. 

Yes, I am jealous of his jacket collection. My parents would be in disbelief. Having inherited a few pieces from his collection, I decided to do a post on how to wear your man's jacket in a stylish (not walk of shame-ish) way. I also have to do this before he remembers that I have his favorite soft shell jacket and takes it back!! 

This is a Polartec fleece Power Dry sweatshirt. I wish I had this when I was on crew, maybe I wouldn't have been in a hyperthermic state so often... 

I'm wearing it with super light cutoffs and floral loafers

Not exactly going for haut couture in this post, just trying to be comfy and warm!!

be a little bit girly, add sparkly earrings and cute shoes! 

Blue softshell!! Because I can't afford my own Marmot apparel =( 

I have one similar that is Columbia Omni-Heat and red with neon yellow, it's super awesome. But I liked his too.

Shorts!! Glitter TOMs!! 

Yay for men's jackets!! Since Alex is about 8 inches taller than me, this jacket is huge on me, so use the little drawstring cords to tighten the bottom then roll roll roll so it's shorter.

On a different note, my man and I are actually starting another blog TOGETHER!! 

How exciting is that?
We'll write about our life together, our quest to succeed in triathlons, I'll do some minimal fashion stuffs, (couple's date night fashion?!?!?) Basically we're really funny and super adorable so it'll be a must read!

Happy styling! 

<3 b 

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