Saturday, September 22, 2012

Fall Boots

It's almost my favorite season for fashion!!


Why is this my favorite season? Boots, leggings, sweaters, layers, vests, jeans, bright colors mixed with browns and grays. I just LOVE everything about about fall style... so I'm super excited. 

To celebrate the start of fall, I treated myself to a new pair of boots. They were only $45!!! Thank you,!! 

Here they are

Super cute, super comfortable- I basically already wear them with everything. 

Here are some of the outfits I've put together so far. 

Aaaaaand my favorite....

Yay fall!! Yay new boots!!

Happy styling! 
<3 b


  1. I love fall boots! I need some too, I've been on the look out at Plato's Closet for a long time now. :)

    Do you think you can do another special blog for me? You see.. I'm spending a the week of Thanksgiving in Seattle, and after spending almost two years down south I'm not sure what to pack for the trip. I'm visiting the in laws and want to look cute, and be on trend too for when we go to Pikes Market. I'm so excited to be on the west coast again even for just a week. Morale of the story, can you give me some suggestions on what to wear to be warm, fashionable, and classy. For a week of fun, sight seeing, family dinners, and a night out at fancy Asian restaurants. Thanks. <3

  2. Of course!!! The stable Seattle layering style happens to be my favorite =)