Tuesday, February 14, 2012

love love

As seems to be the norm, inspiration struck last night as I was supposed to be studying for a plants & people test. Luckily for me, plant biology seems to be my strong suit and that test was amazingly simple. I'll call the whole deal a success- I discovered some amazing styles for spring (though it's like, 5 months away) reviewed a little information about plant waxes, and had a lot of fun. 

skirt H&M, shoes ninewest, shirt Nordstrom, scarf gifted from Paris, bracelet (necklace) Ann Taylor

skirt Nordstrom, sweater gap, necklace f21, scarf ??

tank Ann Taylor, shorts Express, shoes Ross, tights gifted, watch Nordstrom, bracelets f21 and Cache

blouse thrifted, shirt Nordstrom, jeans gifted from work :D, shoes ebay, scarf f21

tank H&M, vest thrifted, shorts f21, shoes vans, accessories f21 and DIY

tank Levi's, jacket Nordstrom, shorts f21, shoes converse, sunnies hot topic, bracelets from a market and watch Ross

tank pacsun, accessories from Nordstrom and markets...noticing any trends?

tank pacsun, I believe the shorts too, vest ross? accessories f21

awwww I love this one! *pats own back* blazer gifted from Nordstrom, cargos Macy's, shoes vans, shirt f21, clutch gifted

dress f21, blazer gifted

I have more, but I think this is enough for now. 
Comment & share!! 

Happy Valentine's Day everyone, be mine?



  1. Is that a Vince Camuto skirt? The blue one? Kind of looks like the pinkish one I just bought. Same exact structure, just a different bold print.

  2. HA I wish!! No it's not, I'm not sure who the designer is actually... but yes it's a very similar style. See, it's good to buy things you really like, they will always come back in style but you can wear it whenever!!

  3. ...wait... I own some designer the fashionable Brittany WISHES to own? SCORE!

  4. hahaha welcome to the WORKING world. Some of us are still students and can't afford new designer clothes!!

  5. What may not be spring weather for you is spring weather for some south inhabiters. lol ;) I didnt know converse were still in still I thought they were being taking over by toms.

  6. I feel like people have taken sides with sneaks: Some vow to only wear converse, some vans and other TOMS. I have clearly taken sides with all of the above ; ) This is true about spring, I will post some more spring/summer styles for you southerners!!

  7. Hey, don't call us southerners! ;) We are here against our own free will.