Friday, February 10, 2012

Late Night Styling

It's Friday night and instead of throwing on my usual mini skirt, drinking a little tequila and fighting off all the boys with my friends at the bars, I've decided to stay in and work on some styling. I just want to add that I feel amazing lately, and I think I've brought that out in my outfits <3

ok, so I still put on a mini skirt tonight, for the sake of the outfit. yes, I did turn an old choir t-shirt into a muscle shirt, BEFORE you start talking about how weird this is remember: you're young, you own cute bras, you have a great body, it's alright to be a little crazy every now and then. besides, I cut the shoulders in a bit so I don't have awkward wings on my shoulders. 

I can't wait until it gets warmer out. I will be utilizing pastels and shorts SO MUCH this season. 

I heart my blazer, I would wear it every single day if it got warmer than 30 degrees where I live. that skirt has a sparkly gold lace print, it's like making slightly skanky classy.

metal detail shirt, booties and blue blazzzzer 

sans blazer

I'll clean that mirror someday, I'll have better pictures someday, I'll post regularly someday. 

Have a great night lovies, I'm feeling particularly creative lately so I will have more posts SOON