Friday, January 20, 2012

The Skinny

So I just read an article about all of the health dangers of skinny jeans. All of you know that I am literally obsessed with skinny jeans- to the point that I don't care how 'out of style' they become, they will always be my fit of choice. I would like to offer some advice to those of you too scared to try this trend because of possible 'health factors'. Apparently, skinny jeans have been linked to nerve damage, digestive problems and yeast infections--- ew! So here we go...

1. Higher waisted- This will get rid of the digestive issues, an added plus- you can tuck the pooch into it and no one will know you just ate a grilled cheese! You could even tuck a loose tank in, add a belt and oh my god, so cute!

2. Go with a size bigger- I'm talking sizes like 26 and 27, don't buy jeans that go by 3/5 or 2/4, you're just asking to get the wrong fit. I normally wear a size 26, but in my skinny jeans I got a 27. They will fit comfortably, not be too tight and won't stretch out too much between washes.

3. They can never be 'too long' or 'too short'- If they're a little too short then they'll look great with flats or TOMS. If they're too long do the messy roll. No matter what, you'll never be walking on them, if anything they'll just bunch at your ankles.

4. Don't have misconceptions- They are SUPPOSED to be tight. No, this isn't whore-ish, it's style variety. Wear some loose layers on top and you'll look great.

Joe's Jeans- The Skinny in black <3 <3 <3


  1. I say "ditto" especially on number 2! So many girls nowadays wear clothes that are a size or two too small because they think it will make them look more slender. WRONG! Wearing sizes too small will show off every part of your body you don't want people to see... and it can cause those yeast infections for those who are prone to them because it doesn't allow that area to breathe. I propose you do an entire post on buying clothes that fit right! :)