Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thinking of the Sun

I am staying awake all night to study for tests, so of course I am doing a blog post!! I discovered that one of my favorite (localish to Pullman favorite) coffee places has opened a store in Pullman! This is confusing right, if it's local, how was it NOT in Pullman before? Well, there used to be one in the student union building, until they put in a Seattle's Best instead. And let me tell you, Seattle's Best is good, but not actually the best (Macrina!!!!!) Back to the relevant stuff; there's a Thomas Hammer in Pullman! They make a drink with dark chocolate and orange in it and it tastes like sunshine in mocha form. 

SO-- it made me think of summer, and sunglasses, and tank tops and being tan. 

one day soon, we'll be back to this

Wear your favorite tank with a big open sweater, add some colorful accessories and create your own sunshine for the day! 

love, b

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