Monday, October 31, 2011

Last minute Halloween costume

Looking for a versatile, stylish, last minute Halloween costume? READ THIS NOW!

This is so easy, all you need is a Little Black Dress, patterned tights, black booties and a witch's hat or beret.

The hat you wear will make you either a witch or a french model. Add a mid-length black coat and other accessories if you so desire. =)

Happy Halloween!!
<3 b


  1. I should have done this... Alas, I have no tights. Or hats. Or booties. Lame.

  2. Those are staples in your wardrobe! You can mix and match those with everything!
    Note: My dress was $15 at Forever 21, tights were $6 in a pack of 2 and are Betsy Johnson, from Ross, Booties are Steve Madden and were $25 from Ross and my fun sequin beret was $6 at a second hand store. Ross and second hand stores are AMAZING!!

  3. I don't know how to wear tights, though... or what size I am. Can I wear leggings inside? Growing up I hated pantyhose...

  4. Yes leggings are a go! But tights have some cute patterns that add texture and amazing interest to any interest. They aren't like pantyhose at all, because they are thicker and MUCH easier to get on. There are size charts on the back of the packages-normally. But you are safe with medium, you have those long legs!!