Thursday, October 13, 2011

Hair Fix

Ok Friends! It's that time again...the time when I get restless and want to try a new hair color trend!! But I want your help, please give me your opinions.

Option 1: The Ombre
Pros: It fixes my grow out problem, I'll eventually have my natural hair color again, it works best with wavy, textured hair (Finally SOMETHING works with my kind of hair!) It's soft and it seems ALL fashion bloggers are rocking this trend.

Cons: It can look like extreme grow out, when the blonde grows out enough, I'll have to bleach it again, people would refer to me as a brunette (noooooo!) It only works with waves and curls.

Option 2: Two-Toned
Pros: It's edgy, which is exactly the style I want, it works perfect with my extensions, I kind of already have this look but not as dramatic, I only have to get partial foils for upkeep, it gives a polished look without having to wear makeup, it can work straight, wavy or curly.

Cons: Jersey Shore? I hope I'm wrong, but I don't wear a lot of animal print so I think I'm safe.

I want your opinions!! Please keep in mind that my style is a weird mix between natural/hippie/metalrock with lots of feathers, chain necklaces, black, tribal print, leather and faux fur. GOOD LUCK!


  1. Ooooo... I think the Christina pic would make you super edgy! I think that's very you for the moment :) Now what should I do I need to get my hair cut.

  2. Definitely the two tone as you are only '20 something' once in your life, so wear it proud before the natural salt and pepper look of old age graces your me I know!!