Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Earring Trends for the Mature Crowd

My apologies, in my efforts to stay caught up with the ever-moving world of trends and styling, I often neglect to focus my blog posts to a varied crowd. This post is in addition to my recent post about the one earring trend. Here is a way to incorporate to current trends in a more mature, professional way.

If you don't want to look this at work, keep reading.
I love this trend, it's big, bold, colorful and feathery (feathers...must. have. more,) Some of us are complete zombies to things like this (yup) but I have failed to realize that this isn't exactly most people's cup of tea.

My advice for the mature and sophisticated crowd: Incorporate mixed metals with some subtle color. There are many different styles of earrings you can choose from, and I selected a few ideas for you below. They have the same trend with a different, less wild style. If these are too modern for your style, stick with a more rustic metal color and pale/rosy pinks and greens.

All images from Google


  1. Thanks for including us mature girls in your trends. I do love all your posts! I did purchase a pair of cute earrings today even before I saw your latest blog. Keep up the great writing and ideas Brittany.

  2. Yay feathers... I do quite enjoy this trend. I should take part.

  3. It's really easy to make your own! You can buy feathers for super cheap at fly fishing shops (surely Mississippi has those) And get earring supplies at a craft store. I'll post some picture of earrings I've made!