Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Less is More

Through fashion blogging research, one observation I've made is that bloggers often style their outfits with an ungodly number of accessories and layers. Sure, this is a great look for cyberspace and shows off each individuals' ability to style, but it is not very practical for every day wear. In light of this discovery, I have created the 'Minimalist Fashion Selector'. Simply choose an option from each category and put together your simple yet chic outfit!

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Minimalist Fashion Selector
Choose one of the following from each category

  • leggings
  • skinnys
  • mini (high waisted with top tucked in)
  • layered tanks (limit 2)
  • basic top and blazer
  • basic tee (preferably longer, less fitted with v-neck or scoop neck) 
  • riding boots (if paired with the mini, please wear tights) 
  • oxfords or flats
  • sandals
  • heels
 Accessories-choose ONLY two
  • watch/bracelet
  • headband/hat
  • sunglasses
  • scarf
  • necklace
  • earrings
  • fashion rings (limit 1 per hand)
Keep it simple: Foundation, blush, mascara, touch of eyeliner and a neutral lip. 

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