Saturday, July 30, 2011


So here's my thought: hipster is surely progressing into the new mainstream emo. Think about it; it starts with a small group of people who find irony in society and decide to be nonconformists. In the process there is a social stir in what these people are really up to. Grandpa types will see a male hipster walking down the street and may compliment him on his hat, but recommend that he go take a shower and possibly shave. What I'm trying to say is this; no matter how mainstream (oh the irony) hipster-ism becomes, they are a group of very intelligent, somewhat urban hippie types who are greatly contributing to the music, movie and fashion industries who also have found their way into every generation. Hipster-ism will ALWAYS be a billion times better than emo-ism.

The educational ranting aside, I believe there are many fashion STAPLES being made by these independent trend setters.

Gray skinnys and the Messy Roll
It's easy and super casual, the best part is that you can make any style outfit with them
Menswear Inspired Fashion
Welcome to the world of cargos, hats, blazers, woven belts and oxfords add a sparkly accessory for a girly touch
Layering like a Champ
This is the perfect day to night look and great for any season. Ditch the sweaters, add some heels, a black belt and metallic necklace for an edgier look

Vintage feel with a Modern Look
Turn your old tshirts into layering tanks, add some leather leggings and your favorite boots! 

Finally some professional photos! What do you guys think?? 


  1. Great pictures! I love most of the styling. I still don't really know what a hipster is, though.

  2. has some great explanations. Or for an easier reference, if you watch Glee Project, Cameron is one.