Monday, February 11, 2013

Jewelry Storage

If you're into fashion like I am, you have probably accumulated more jewelry than you know what to do with, like I have. I have necklaces and bracelets that I completely forget even exist. It's ridiculous. 

I've been going through this constant dilemma of trying to figure out the best way to store jewelry. They're pieces that you want to show off, but hanging necklaces on a blank wall can look cluttered and not at all organized.  You would think that a jewelry box is a good idea, but those are just a wilderness for your stuff, you're just ASKING for a tangled mess every time you try to find the one necklace you want. 

While searching through the internet, I came across a few cool DIYs for tiered cupcake platters, and I finally exclaimed "This is it!!!"


A perfectly organized, eye-appealing, tangle preventing jewelry holder. It can go on your dresser, nightstand, in your bathroom. You can paint it any color you wish with any texture you wish. You can use whatever type of plates you can find. The possibilities are endless. 

I told you I was super glue happy. 

If you're not daring enough to make one of these yourself, allow me to help. With a small-ish fee, I will make one for you and ship it to you. I am considering setting up an Etsy store for these and some other crafty things, but for now I'll settle for email orders and praying to God that people will actually send me checks. 

If you're interested in buying one, please email me at 
Please specify how many tiers you want (ex: picture above has 3 tiers. If you want 2 tiers, specify large/medium or small/medium or small/large--- for the size plates you want.) Also, specify what color you want, if any at all. 

<3 b


  1. Feel free to make me one if you came and visit for Spring Break :) We can go shopping and I can pay for everything. I can't do the painting myself, you know :)

  2. Ok!! I'm assuming you would want a purple one? Haha

  3. Meh, probably more white and black. I know shocking right? I want to match my bedroom and my color scheme in there is white red and black. It might clash and I want it to look like it belongs in there. You know, when we eventually get the bedroom we want :)