Friday, January 11, 2013

Here Comes the Bride

Well readers, I apologize for the prolonged silence. Finals week and the Holidays tend to do that to me. There is some very exciting news that I haven't had a chance to share with you yet, for certain reasons. My dear Alex and I are getting MARRIED!!

That had to have been a huge surprise, I'm guessing the title didn't give it away at all.

Anyway, we told my parents over Thanksgiving break, they reacted about the same as I expected. Their input is definitely valuable to me, but they have never once said 'Do what makes you happy', so I have had learn to always tell myself that. Alex makes me so unbelievably happy, and there is no doubt in my mind that he is the most perfect man, and the ultimate companion to share the rest of my life with. We truly are best friends, and when I see other engaged couples together, I just can't help but think 'They totally aren't as cute, or close or perfectly matched as we are.' His love has made me truly believe in soul mates. We are planning for the wedding to take place in Summer 2014. It seems so far away, but then I remembered all of the planning I have to do... and finding a dress!! Eek, it's more than enough to freak a girl out.

Lucky for me (well, I hope I'm lucky) Nordstrom, my dear, dear Nordstrom, my former (hopefully future) employer, my happy place, my go-to shopping destination, is doing a bridal giveaway involving Pinterest. Basically, you sign up, then pin from their boards with the hashtag #Nordstromweddings. I'm a pretty mean pinner myself, so hopefully this important, rare talent of mine will bring me success, and way closer to a gorgeous Vera Wang gown.

For those interested, check out this site for the specifics. And if you win, let's go halvsies on the prize, ok?

much love, b

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