Monday, August 13, 2012

belts with dresses: summer

Hello friends!!
It's been a while but I'm back! Let's get down to business. I had a reader ask about wearing belts with summer dresses so here is the post in reply! 

Mix & Match

This is where the age old tradition of 'matching your belt with your shoes' can come into play. Pair these with a basic black dress or basically any other color. As long as the accessories are intriguing, the rest of the outfit should be a canvas. 

Color Blocking

This concept is pretty basic: pick a solid colored dress and add a thick belt of a different color and chunky shoes. This is where you can be creative; tan&neon, black&white, green&pink. The possibilities are endless! 

Texture & Structure

Or lack of structure I should say. Here I paired a flowy printed dress with a woven belt. Since this belt is too big for me I tied it. Add some neutral shoes. 

The best stores to find both solid/printed/structured/flowy dresses is Forever21 and H&M. Both places are also great for cheap belts. Basically, none of these outfits cost more than $30 

Happy styling!

<3 b

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