Monday, April 30, 2012

Tri Training

I am adding a new topic to this blog, because why not cover everything??

I'm training for triathlons! 

It makes sense right? I am a very indecisive person who wants to be good at everything, so why not train and try to be the best at the three most grueling endurance sports in one race?
This is hell for some people, but will be heaven for me. 

Due to my own stupidity, I still have a while to go before I'm allowed to run again (achilles tendonitis) so I've been killing myself on the elliptical to keep my cardio up (looooots of high rep/resistance intervals) But TODAY, I started my swim program! 

It's ok Mom, it turns out I'm a much better swimmer than we all thought! I survived!! 

Here's proof:

I will occasionally post my progress, it'll keep me motivated =) 

ps if anyone finds a decent road bike on craigslist please let me know, looking for a 9 speed, 50 frame size  


  1. Hahaha thanks! It's just a running joke in my family, among friends and teammates that I'm a terrible swimmer. I'm just a whore for form so I go slow, for now. I'm gonna win some races!!