Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Styling: One Earring

I've been seeing this trend since last summer, but very few and far between. Sometimes  I question if it is by mistake, and other times I know it's for real. I'm talking about the one earring trend. You know you've seen it; a girl is wearing one, super long earring and then nothing in the other ear. This is a pretty daring move. The first time I saw it I kept starring. The trick is to do it right. 

Make sure you wear an earring in the other ear. Obviously, don't wear two completely different long earrings, one should be a stud, like a pearl. Pearls offset the wild side of the long earring. Also, this trend works better for girls who have double piercings, it is just way more believable. 

here is my take on the trend  (excuse the sleepy eyes, I've been battling the flu)

This is no doubt a trend that most guys and many girls will say "Whyyyyyyyyyyyy??" My response to that- 'Why not?' When they say- "Because it's stupid" I'll say 'Do I really look like I give a damn?' 

Style is individual, nobody has the right to criticize one's style. Learn to accept others as they are and embrace them. 


  1. I don't think I've ever seen this trend before... too daring for me!

  2. This is fabulous on you! However, you forgot to mention that the "close to 50 crowd" should not attempt this as it would be attributed to the fact that we do not see well in the early morning light and/or we have surely lost our mind!