Monday, September 5, 2011

Odd Places for Style: College Football Games

The Cougs played on Saturday (WE WON!!) and while at the game I observed something strange; a large number of girls wearing dresses. Ok, so I understand it's really hot outside and those tiny-weeny dresses keep you cool, but it's a football game, not really an event in which you dress to impress. Generally, the Typical Girl of WSU (that will be their name from now on) will dawn perfectly straightened hair, possibly some glitter makeup, a temporary cougar tattoo on their cheek and a cougar t-shirt that they have managed to make as slutty as possible without exposing vital parts, but now they are wearing these miniature dresses made from oversized t-shirts. 

Now, in an attempt to maintain the integrity of my blog's purpose (to offer positive and individualistic styling advice) I give the Typical Girl of WSU props for being really freaking creative with a pair of scissors, and for sacrificing the vitality of their cheek skin by sticking a tattoo on it. However, to stick with the same theme here's my advice: dress as an individual!! And while we're at it- dress properly for the event!! 

Something for the rest of us
As much as I would LOVE to say that no one should care about what others think of them, a huge purpose to having style is to create an impression on people (the most important purpose is to feel good about yourself) College life is so much easier when people don't think you're a hussy, so please girls, dress for the reputation you actually want. 


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