Saturday, May 21, 2011

Smokey Eyes

LOVING this look. Smokey eyes are my favorite because it's super easy to pull off during the day (with the right colors) and then you just clean it up and make it a little bit darker for night. 

Here's the trick: Use black liner first and smudge it, make sure to put it in the corners and water line. Next, go over the liner with a dark charcoal color, make sure it's a slightly shimmery one (You don't want to be Ke$ha, that's for sure, you just want it shimmery enough to really lighten up your eyes). Use a fuller brush to spread the charcoal color into your far corners (make sure to clean it up well if you're going outside of your eyebrow line) and into your crease. Next, use a gold shade and dust it lightly into the inside corners and blend it well with the charcoal. With a blending brush, use small, circular strokes to blend it all together. Add some of the gold to the bottom lid, and a highlight under the brows if desired. Finish with 2 coats of a volumizing mascara (I like Maybelline Falsies and Cover Girl Lashblast Fusion)  clean up any mistakes and you're good to go! 


  1. What is the water line? And since I'm not such a fan of gold (silver goes much better with my skin tone), what color do you suggest? I guess I need to go buy some shimmery eye shadow and some liquid liner... any suggestions on the liner?

  2. I would go with a pencil liner actually. Liquid is good if you are going for a more dramatic look (like doing the cat eye) and have a very steady hand. Just try a Wet n' Wild pencil. They are about 99 cents, just make sure you have a sharpener for it and use it on your hand first to soften it up a bit. Instead of silver, try a really light, frosty pink. Save silver makeup for New Years ; )

  3. Oh and your water line is the very inner part of your eye lids, right above your lashes, by your eyeball on your lower lid and vice versa for the top.