Tuesday, May 17, 2011

For Sara

My dear sister in-law often asks me to come up with outfits for her to post on her blog. I am her 'personal shopper and stylist'. I figured as long as I am coming up with outfits for her, I can post them on here while I work on getting my own pictures and outfits up. It may take some time, but I will get things going!! So here we go with Sara's outfit:

It is fun, flirty and perfect for her upcoming summer in Mississippi, which will soon be her new home. I love this skirt because it has an old-fashioned elegance but is still casual enough for any occasion with the cute tie in front. I do not have a picture available, but I suggested pairing this with an off-white cotton ruffle tank top. With a simple ruffle cascading down the front, it's simplicity is not out-shown by the pattern on the skirt. 

Amazing shoes will take any outfit from amazing to SUPER AMAZING! And who can resist that level of amazing?? I love the knotted detail of these. They go perfectly with the skirt and would also look super cute with some dark boot cut jeans. Versatile sandals are a staple! 

...Because I'm a whore for accessories. A lady can't go wrong with a cute headband!
More to come! 

Credits to: shopruche.com and ninewest.com

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